You may be looking around at your beautiful abode and thinking to yourself how nice it would be to have an extra bedroom, a bigger kitchen, or a home office. A residential home addition can be an excellent investment that will add both to your living experience and the value of your New Jersey home. Read further to see how a residential home renovation can upgrade your home and life.

1. Enjoy Nature from Inside

Do you ever dream of lying in bed while still being able to look up at the sun or stars on a New Jersey evening? Sunrooms are enjoyable in every season since they still offer plenty of natural light but have the insulation and climate control features of a home. When considering resale value, you’ll be glad to hear that, according to Home Advisor, there is a 49% return on investment (ROI) for sunrooms. This statistic shows a great reason to invest in this addition.

2. More Space to Roam

Whether you’re looking for a larger kitchen to entertain in or an extra bedroom for visitors, a home addition can provide the space you need. If you enjoy having guests for parties, overnight stays, or family reunions, then extra room ensures everyone is comfortable and can still have some privacy.

3. Increase Your Home Value

Adding space can increase the value of your New Jersey home. Whether you’re looking to sell your house shortly or just like to know that it’s worth more, adding an extra room will help. The higher square footage will bring a higher price tag.

4. More Bathroom Time for All

Do you often find yourself asking who’s using the bathroom, then waiting in a long line to use it? Adding an extra restroom or two will help with that. Not only does it offer more convenience for your family and guests, but it can make all the difference when selling your home.

5. Create a Home Office

Take the time to create your home office or craft room. If you’re an entrepreneur or freelancer, having your own workspace at home is a must. Even if you don’t work from home, having an extra room to use as an office or hobby space is a great way to get creative.

Adding a residential home addition can make all the difference in how you enjoy your New Jersey house and its value. The long-term benefits and increased value of your home make the investment worth it. Get in touch with our team today to start planning your home addition.