Build Your Dream Kitchen

Whether you’re a big, bustling family, a cool couple, or a busy bachelor, your kitchen is the room that brings people together. It’s the spot where you start your mornings and unwind after long days. If any space should match your lifestyle and reflect your personality, then it’s the kitchen. That’s why the Flansburg Construction team is dedicated to helping you build from scratch or remodel the kitchen that’s completely customized to your needs, budget, and style. As one of the most dependable kitchen remodel companies in the area, you can rest assured you’ll get high-quality services from our crew. No matter how big or small your renovation is, we can help you get everything you want.

Our promise is to work closely and transparently with you so you feel like our work truly reflects you and the rest of your home. First, we seek to understand your lifestyle, including how you use the kitchen, the foot traffic, which appliances you use most, how much food you store, and more. We even take into consideration where you need more lighting or storage space. Whether you need an easier floorplan to master your nightly family recipes, the perfect spot to entertain, more space to feed a growing family, or you’re looking for an open concept kitchen remodel, we can create a kitchen uniquely designed for you.

Next, we can either help design the space or work with your existing design. Then, we work our magic on whichever areas you decide to update. From fixtures to flooring, appliance layout, lighting, countertops, cabinets, storage space, windows, and doors, we can give you that open concept kitchen in Princeton, NJ. From floor to ceiling, our builders are focused on quality. Nothing will be completed half-heartedly.

There are so many ways to transform your kitchen into something brand new. At Flansburg ​​Construction, we can take your concept and turn it into something that you will enjoy for years. If you’re looking for a chef’s paradise or want a better place to entertain family and friends, we’re the team to call. From the small design details to the bigger architectural needs, you can count on our team to give you your dream kitchen. Reach out to our team today to start discussing your interest in kitchen remodeling in NJ.

A Luxury Kitchen at Your Fingertips

If you are interested in luxury kitchen remodeling in NJ, the Flansburg team understands how to make your vision come to light. With our design-build services, you can have the luxury kitchen you have always dreamed of. In fact, we create cherished kitchen spaces with a wealth of luxurious features.

  • Dual Kitchen Islands: Do you love entertaining but also need space to get appetizers ready and dinner plated? A dual kitchen island may be the perfect option for your newly remodeled kitchen. Our team at Flansburg Construction will ensure you have one island for food preparation and one for guests to sit, relax, and enjoy your company.
  • Custom Backsplashes: Whether you’re interested in sleek white marble, natural stone, brick, glazed tilework, or even glass tiles, we can customize your kitchen’s backsplash for a unique look. With the right paint colors and cabinetry to complement your backsplash, your kitchen will look and feel beautiful. 
  • Spacious Butler’s Pantries and Scullery Kitchens: Have you always wanted a large pantry where you can keep everything from non-perishable foods, kitchen cleaning supplies, extra dinnerware, and more? You can have the pantry you need with plenty of storage space for all your staples as well as an extra sink and counter space to keep the food prep and clean-up activities away from guests while entertaining 
  • Lighting Options: Your kitchen needs different amounts of lighting throughout the day. Perhaps you’d like soft lighting while prepping breakfast and coffee in the morning, bright light while cooking dinner, and dim lighting when it’s time to serve your meal. Fortunately, we are fluent in all types of lighting, from pendant lights, to cabinet lights, to a chandelier that sparkles above your kitchen table. By incorporating smart, innovative technology into your lighting design, we can help you create the ambiance you desire for your space and make it easily programmable from your phone.
  • Hardwood Floors: Hardwood flooring lends a luxe look to any room. If you don’t have hardwood floors in your kitchen already, our team at Flansburg Construction is here to refloor your home when you choose to engage our services for kitchen remodeling in NJ. This sleek, sophisticated, and durable flooring option will never disappoint.
  • Open Concepts: More and more homeowners are opting for an open concept kitchen remodel because they love how versatile and customizable this style of kitchen can be. We will collaborate with you and your family on the layout to determine how your open concept kitchen will look and feel, ensuring it becomes a space where everyone feels at home.

Our Promise to You

Our design build and remodeling experts at Flansburg Construction have years of experience to offer you when you hire us for your kitchen remodeling project. We understand that the thought of remodeling any space in your home can be overwhelming, but we promise you will never look back. Our satisfied clients are grateful to have had the opportunity to work closely with our team, as we ensure you are informed and involved during every step of the remodeling process. If your kitchen isn’t a space you adore now, then set up a consultation with our team to learn more about how we can turn your kitchen into the heart of your home. You can have the cooking, entertaining, and gathering space you have always wanted! Plus, if you are interested in remodeling other spaces in your home, too, we are happy to assist. 

Why You Should Hire Us for Your Kitchen Transformation

At Flansburg Construction, we’ve been offering kitchen remodeling services for years. Whether you’d like to update the layout of your kitchen, add an island, or change the aesthetic, our team will be there to help turn your dreams into a reality. When you’re looking for a local design build firm to complete your renovation needs, make sure you look for these qualities we possess.

Open Communication: When you hire a design build team, you can rest assured that you will only have one point of contact during the entire remodeling process. Design build firms have a team of professionals that can handle all aspects of your project. At Flansburg Construction, we have a team of designers and contractors who work together to fulfill your renovation. Throughout the project, a member of our team will be happy to answer any questions that you may have and will be happy to discuss any changes that you want to make during the process. With our commitment to open communication, you will never hear any surprises during your remodel. This will help you feel peace of mind that you are hiring the right team for the job.

On-Time: We pride ourselves on completing projects in a timely manner. During your initial consultation, we will go over your renovation needs and discuss the timeline. The timeline will vary depending on what you’d like done during your renovation. However, we want to ensure that you have your dream home as soon as possible. When we set a timeframe in which we want to complete the project, we will do our best to do so.

Collaboration: As mentioned, a design build team works together in tandem to complete your renovation. The designers and contractors will work together seamlessly to ensure that all aspects of the remodel fit together and complete your aesthetic goals.

Flexibility: Flansburg Construction has been in business for years, so we’ve seen it all. We are very flexible when it comes to kitchen remodeling in NJ. We’ve done over a dozen projects in the past, so we have the flexibility to do any type of transformation or upgrade that you are dreaming of. We will also be able to apply changes during the project because we want you to love your kitchen when we’re done with it.

If you are looking for a company that has these dependable qualities, then look no further than Flansburg Construction. We look forward to hearing from you and starting to plan your kitchen remodel in New Jersey. We want to ensure that you love your home for years to come.

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