A basement can be a valuable space in your home but only if you design it well. Sometimes you may find signs it’s time to turn your basement into a functional room. Here are a few of those signs you need to remodel your basement in New Jersey.

1. High Moisture Content

If your basement is partially below the ground, then there’s a good chance you deal with high levels of moisture. Due to the concrete slab that may sit directly on dirt, wetness will seep from the ground and into the concrete. Unfortunately, that wetness will be accompanied by bad odor and mold growth. According to This Old House, more than 60% of U.S. homes have wet basements and 38% run the risk of mold growth. The only way to resolve this issue is by hiring a basement remodeling contractor.

2. Your Basement Is Unusable or Unfinished

Is your basement currently an unusable space? It’s time to reconsider renovating the area. Picture an unused space as a blank canvas with many possibilities. You can remodel it into a laundry room, game room, kids’ playroom, library, or study room. Bringing any of these ideas to life will free up other levels of your home and have more space. There are many basement renovation ideas out there, and our team of experts can help you choose the right one for your lifestyle.

3. There’s Visible Damage in the House

All homeowners should have a professional check for structural damage in their homes every once in a while. Damage can be in many forms, such as compromised floor joists, a warping or bulging foundation, a cracked floor, evidence of insect damage, and water damage. Our experienced contractor will spot the damage, including the less obvious damage you hadn’t noticed.

4. It Has a Bad Appearance

Appearances matter, including the appearance of your basement, which you don’t use as much. If you’ve noticed that the poles, doors, and joists are less attractive than they used to be, then it’s time to call a basement remodeling contractor.

5. You Have Plumbing Issues

Certain plumbing problems can come from the basement. When water leaks from the sewer or pipes, it pours into the basement. It’s for this reason that most people don’t go to their basements a lot, but you can change this part of your lifestyle with our help!

Are you experiencing any of these issues in your basement? You need the services of a basement remodeling contractor. Our contractors are located in New Jersey and are ready to help transform your basement. Give us a call today to start planning.