Adding a sunroom to your home has many benefits when considering home renovations. A three-season sunroom is used in the warmer seasons and is usually not heated. It might be insulated and use alternative heat sources and fans for cooling. Four-season sunrooms have insulated windows and doors and heating and cooling systems for year-round use. There are benefits to both of these types of sunrooms.

Increase The Value of Your Home

When you add a sunroom, it increases the value of your home. Many buyers will purchase a home because it has a sunroom. Sunrooms are versatile and can be used for family gatherings, parties, kids’ rooms, or study areas. It enlarges the size of your home and can be constructed on the side, front, or back.

It increases the curb appeal of your home. This space is functional and will be used by all members of the family for recreational or work-related purposes. According to Home Advisors, a sunroom will bring about a 49% return on investment.

Enjoy Viewing Nature Outdoors and Sunlight

Windows in the sunrooms can give you a magnificent view of gardens, lawns, and nature all season. With a four-season sunroom, you can enjoy all the seasons with the heat and air conditioning you need. You may want to avoid entertaining in the summer, avoiding the heat and possible insects. You will get exposure to sunlight which produces Vitamin D and is good for your heart and bones. In a sunroom, you can grow houseplants all year round although it is not a greenhouse.

Improve Moods and Boosts Productivity

An attractively decorated sunroom with sunlight and a natural view can improve your mood and reduce stress. Chemicals are released into the brain from sunlight that elevates your mood. You can do many activities in a sunroom. It can be a fitness center, home gym, or yoga studio. Family members can have workout equipment, stationary bikes, weights, and other equipment in this room for their daily workout. You can practice yoga and meditation in this room and have videos for workouts.

Ways to Use a Sunroom

When you do a home renovation by adding a sunroom, it can be used for many purposes. It can be a hobby room to quilt, make flower arrangements, read, or solve crossword puzzles. A sunroom can be designed for your children to play games, work on computers, and play video games. It can be a place to entertain and eat with family and friends without worrying about cold, heat, or bugs. A sunroom can serve as a home office if you work at home or a family room where you spend time playing board games or watching entertainment.

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