Thinking about remodeling your New Jersey home? You may be wondering about the  benefits of hiring a design-build firm over bidding out individual contractors. There are many advantages to hiring an experienced, all-inclusive team like Flansburg Construction, but one of the most important is what happens when projects don’t go exactly as planned.

Unforeseen issues will arise every now and then — especially when working on older homes. The best way to avoid large increases in cost or the length of the project is to anticipate these issues ahead of time. Here’s an example of how we used an ounce of prevention to stay within budget on a challenging kitchen remodel for a historical Hightstown home:

The Backstory:

These clients are a busy, professional couple looking forward to retirement in the next few years. Their 200-year-old home was full of charm and character but had a kitchen that was not built for modern life. At only 120 square feet with an uneven floor and slanted ceiling, we had our work cut out for us.

The Journey:

Since the area under the kitchen was inaccessible, we couldn’t know the condition of the foundation underneath before getting started. Luckily, our team of experts had the experience necessary to make realistic predictions and come up with a budget that factored in possible structural repairs and other costs of reframing the floor. In the end, we came very close to our budget goal. 

The Reward:

Our clients were very pleased — and even a little surprised — that we were able to stay within budget. Once it became clear there would be no dramatic changes, they inquired about adding extra tasks to their remodel, including replacing some deck flooring and building a custom door under an existing staircase. We were happy to oblige and went through the change order process of presenting the cost and scope, signing an agreement, and getting to work. Anticipating potential setbacks and having the flexibility to accommodate additional work are achievements only possible with a design-build group that works and communicates together as a team. Contact us to learn more about how a Flansburg Construction remodel can work for you.