Unfinished basements can be a huge waste of potential in many homes, but luxury basement remodeling can help transform them. If you have an unfinished basement in your home and want to add more livable space to your home, here is what you need to know.

What Do You Want to Use the Space For?

On average, a basement remodel can provide up to a 70% return on investment, according to Home Advisor. This means you can benefit from the additional space now, and if you sell in the future. To give you some ideas for what you can turn your basement into, here are some of the most popular ideas.

1. A Private Office Space

With more people opting to stay at home and work, turning your unfinished basement into a private office space can be a great way to help separate your home and work lives. It can also give you more privacy from family members or rambunctious kids. If you have space, you could even install your own private bathroom so you can really channel your inner CEO.

2. A Gym

Working out at home can have many benefits when compared to going to a gym, and basement remodeling can give you your own private exercise space. You can add your own sound system, equipment, shower, and even a drink station if you have the room. This is a great way to reclaim unused square footage and turn it into a great motivation to commit to a healthier lifestyle.

3. A Lounge

If you enjoy being able to entertain friends, you can consider basement remodeling to change your unfinished basement into a lounge or game space. With the addition of a bar, a bathroom, entertainment, and game tables, you can create the perfect place to hang out with friends. If your friends are more into sports, you could create a space around a sports theme with a large central TV and couch for watching every game.

4. A Family Space

Creating a family basement space is also a great idea, especially for rowdy kids. By giving them their own space to play and be loud, you can enjoy a quiet upstairs while your kids get to enjoy just being kids.

There are many different ways to use basement remodeling to transform your unfinished basement. Consider these ideas and speak with a local contractor to get started on creating the perfect space for your family.