A new year is an excellent time to refresh an essential part of your home. Having an updated bathroom that improves your quality of life and contributes to your home’s overall style will liven up your property and create long-lasting benefits. Speak to our expert team of home renovation contractors to learn how our exceptional designers and architects can implement the following bathroom trends in your next remodel project.

Modern Designs

According to the 2024 Bath Trends Report from the National Kitchen & Bath Association, 55% of respondents agreed that contemporary and modern design styles with an organic, natural influence continue to trend. Clean lines and pristine finishes in bathroom fixtures are much sought after by many homeowners. The experienced design and construction team at Flansburg Construction can implement fixtures and additions made from materials that match your interior vision.

Doorless Showers With Built-In Amenities

There’s nothing better than a bathroom with upgraded amenities that work for you. Fancy, doorless showers continue to be in high demand. Our design-build contractors are happy to provide you with insights on how we can incorporate modern shower technology and a layout that transforms your space. A shower configuration without a door can broaden the space’s interior cohesion and strengthen a sense of connectivity between each part of the bathroom. Don’t forget to ask our design experts about shower features like built-in seating and hand-held shower heads.

Quartz Counters and Patterned Tiles

Quartz remains a popular choice of material for countertops and additional elements of the bathroom. The low-maintenance requirements of quartz features make them popular among homeowners, and their customization options allow you to meld your bathroom counter’s design to the walls and floors.

Speaking of which, ask our design specialists about elaborate, stunning tile arrangements that our construction team can install. We can source a variety of patterned designs that fulfill your vision for your dream bathroom. Our crew can provide recommendations and insights into how we make these key additions.

Looking for a top-tier home renovation contractor in New Jersey to craft the perfect bathroom for the new year? Don’t hesitate to speak to the exceptional design-build team at Flansburg Construction about how we can make your dream project a reality! We’re a one-stop shop for premier home renovations, so lean on us to deliver high-quality services every step of the way.