Thinking of koshering your kitchen? We are here to tell you it’s not an impossible task and if you’re planning to hire a kitchen remodeling company, the process can become even easier!

Chances are your kitchen may need more than a few changes before it becomes fully kosher. To kick-start the process, here are some top tips on creating a fully kosher kitchen.

Install Separate Sinks And Create More Counter Space

Typically, a kosher kitchen will have at least two sinks. This allows you to separate the food you prepare from dishes that need to be washed. If the two sinks are joined, then you need a barrier that stops substances from splashing over to the next sink.

However, if your home doesn’t have enough space it’s possible to only use one sink. But the sink needs to be cleaned thoroughly every time you switch from preparing food to washing dishes. When working with a kitchen remodeling company, it’s a good time to create more counter space.

That’s because you’ll need separate work areas for meat and dairy. Again, it’s possible to use one area for both meat and dairy, but you’ll need to take extra precautions.

Buy Extra Kitchen Ware

Hiring a kitchen remodeling company can make it easier for you to create designated and separate areas for meat and dairy. This principle of separation also applies when it comes to appliances and kitchenware. That means you’ll have to buy separate sets of dishes, cutlery, draining racks, scouring pads, dish towels, and even table cloths.

Remember, the goal is to achieve total separation of meat and dairy in your kitchen. As mentioned, having two sinks is recommended as is having two stoves. We recommend having noticeable markers to distinguish between the appliances and kitchenware used for meat and the ones used for dairy.

Double Up

When your kitchen becomes kosher, it means you have to ensure that meat and dairy are stored, prepared, cooked, and cleaned up separately. You’ll need to double up your appliances for cooking, roasting, and washing dishes and utensils.

Creating a fully kosher kitchen doesn’t have to be difficult, but it certainly requires you to be meticulous! If you need extra help, consider hiring a kitchen remodeling company to make the process faster and smoother.