A bathroom provides you with solitude and peace. A bathroom allows you to unwind after a hectic and stressful day at work and to wake up and be ready for your day. As a result, bathroom remodeling projects are very popular among homeowners. A growth of 2% annually is expected in the remodeling industry through 2025. A small bathroom may limit the extent to which you can to remodel, but there are certain things that you could do to make it appear bigger.

Natural Light

Letting in natural light into your bathroom is an effective way of making it appear spacious. Therefore, the bathroom remodeling company handling your project should ensure that there is enough light getting into the bathroom. Besides, nothing matches being welcomed by sunshine in a room. The use of translucent window shades will guarantee you plenty of natural light without compromising your privacy. Furthermore, a solartube or skylight will brighten up your bathroom further, thus making it seem bigger.

Recess Cabinetry into the Wall

The storage units in your bathroom might be the ones eating up all your bathroom space. Your bathroom remodeling company can recess your bathroom cabinetry. Therefore, you will have more space for storage and at the same time create more bathroom space. The bathroom remodeling company will have to reframe the walls to allow them to accommodate the cabinets. The cabinets will also allow you to declutter around the bathroom.


Mirrors actually make rooms appear bigger and brighter. The bathroom remodeling company will mount mirrors at a focal point to create an illusion of depth. Mirrors also make your bathroom appear brighter because of their reflection of natural and artificial light throughout the day. Mirrors on your bathroom door and cabinets will make it have an open feel.

Clear Glass on Your Shower Cubicle

The use of a translucent glass door on your shower cubicle door makes the room appear smaller. It may let in a bit of light and assert your privacy, but it does not serve any significance in space optimization. Translucent glass doors act as wall barriers in the bathroom space.

Above are just but a few tips that you can make use of through the bathroom remodeling company to make your bathroom appear bigger. Do not compromise! Effect the change on your bathroom today.