While the last few years seemed to set off a remodeling revolution (there’s nothing like being at home 24/7 to spark inspiration), industry setbacks like high costs, long lead times and supply chain issues made it difficult for homeowners to get started on (and complete) their projects.

The good news is that things are finally changing enough for you to start your dream home transformation. As lead times continue to shorten and supply chains run more smoothly, taking on a renovation right now is a sensible move. Your home is your biggest asset, and investing in it will increase its value so you can reap the rewards long term.

Selecting the Right Project Partner

Not all contractors are created equal, and when it comes to your home, you’ll want to select an experienced partner who cares just as much about your vision as you do. We know how overwhelming a remodel can feel, but with Flansburg Construction, you won’t have to put your life on hold for the sake of your project. We closely communicate and consult with our clients throughout the entire process and take care of all the small details, so you don’t have to.

The Difference Maker

It can be difficult to envision your new space based on material samples, mood boards, and 3-D renderings, which is why we love giving our signature personal walkthroughs of previous projects so you can really see what’s possible. No showrooms or vignettes; we proudly stand behind our work, and so do our clients.

Whether you’re ready to update your kitchen or bathroom, remodel your basement, add onto your floor plan or reimage your entire home, Flansburg Construction can help you get the space you’ve always wanted.

Ready to see what’s possible? Schedule a consultation with us today!