A kitchen remodeling company in New Jersey can enhance your space by giving you the needed upgrades to make it functional and elaborate. A kitchen remodel is an investment that has positive results. According to Zillow, the average return on investment for a minor kitchen remodel is 81.8%. Due to the positive outcomes of this type of project, kitchen remodels are common. An aspect of a kitchen remodel is cabinetry. Continue reading to understand the recent trends for kitchen cabinets to make your space look the best!

Vivid Colors

The vibrant pops of colors that are making their way into the interior design world are in recent cabinetry trends. Choose a dramatic color option for your cabinetry to make a statement and the focal point of your kitchen. Colorful cabinets can also help homeowners break up a monochromatic color scheme of their appliances or countertops. Examples of popular colors for cabinetry include deep blue, forest green, or bright orange.

Stained Glass Panels

The vintage and quaint design trends that are up and coming make stained glass panels the perfect addition to your kitchen. The glass panels you choose to incorporate into your cabinets can be custom-made to match the interior design of the rest of your New Jersey home. Once installed, this unique feature will have your kitchen gleaming with charm.

Natural Wood

The clean and sleek look of natural wood has been a must-have for many homeowners with cabinetry. The look of natural wood pairs well with the trending neutral colors of walls and countertops. After the project is complete, you will have created a cohesive space.

Open Shelving

A kitchen remodeling company can add open shelving to your space in various ways. Incorporate this trend with floating shelves or by adding glass doors to your cabinetry. Open shelving will help make your kitchen space more spacious and visually pleasing. Additionally, dishes and other utensils will be easily accessible with open shelving. Easy access can be exceptionally convenient while cooking in your kitchen!

Lighting Options

Including lighting under your kitchen cabinetry can elevate the ambiance of your space. Several homeowners have been including tape lights, light bars, and puck lights to add an extra flair to their kitchens.

Choosing one or more of these cabinetry trends will make your space perfect for doing your daily kitchen chores and entertaining family and friends! Get in touch with our dependable kitchen remodeling company in New Jersey to begin this transformative project today.