Updating your home is a terrific way to modernize an older structure. While many dream of buying a new home, a good number of people have had to consider older homes because of the age of the U.S. housing market. 80% of U.S. homes are 20 years old or older, according to Comfy Living, but that means that you can call remodeling companies and make the house look just as modern as a newly built home. Let’s take a look at some updates you can add to make your home more modern.

Install Dual-Pane Windows

If your home is older and you haven’t done any work on it, then the first update you’ll want to look at is dual-pane windows. The single-pane windows that your home has had for decades just won’t cut it anymore. They’re too leaky and thin. Plus, those aluminum frames tend to look terrible after many years, which makes your home look outdated. Even if you have the black frames that were so popular in the 1980s and 1990s, your home’s exterior will still look old if the windows haven’t been updated. Not only will your home look more modern with dual-pane windows, but you’ll have better sound insulation and better temperature control in your home in New Jersey.

Add an Induction Range

As more cities and states look at restricting the use of gas ranges and other appliances, the popularity of induction ranges has soared. These ranges use magnetic power to heat liquids and foods, and they are both energy efficient and fast. Although, you will need to ensure your pots and pans are compatible with the range. If you switch from gas to induction, which is powered with electricity, you’ll need to call remodeling companies and have them rewire your kitchen to remove the gas lines and install a new circuit dedicated to the new range and oven. It’ll be worth the investment when you have a more modern kitchen.

Add Mudrooms and Transitional Spaces

More households are instituting no-shoes rules inside, which means older homes that don’t already have mudrooms or enough foyer space need some modern upgrades. Add external mudrooms to side and back doors, and extend your home’s front-door foyer to allow for more space for shoe racks and chairs where people can sit while changing into slippers. These will make your home easier to clean and allow you to organize better.

Get in touch with our team today to find out more ways to modernize your house. Just a few updates can go a very long way for your New Jersey home.