The housing market is constantly changing. What is popular constantly changes and shifts based on trends, market availability, and a host of other factors that can be difficult to assess. We’ve compiled some of the trends we expect to see in 2020 and beyond based on market research and survey data.

Larger Homes Attract Younger Buyers

One of the most notable factors that comes through in these surveys is the affinity that age 35-54 buyers have for larger, high-quality homes. This is good news for builders and new home-owner hopefuls, as it signifies a likely expansion in the market for house additions and new large home projects.

Sustainability Matters to New Buyers

It isn’t just a moral issue: more and more homeowners are realizing the potential benefits and savings of more eco-friendly, sustainable houses. Solar panels, compost systems, and more efficient lighting are all strong incentives for buyers to consider a home, or to consider adding new elements to their current home. That’s why Flansburg Construction is excited that our customers contact us to improve the efficiency and savings of their homes. We love providing great value and new technologies for our customers.

Competitive Prices Are Always Important

The market for homes is more competitive than ever, and buyers are coming into a challenging market. The rates of cohabitation and shared space living are continuing to climb, leading to a growth in the amount of new construction, additions, and updates being made to houses for sale and simply to increase value. At Flansburg Construction, we believe that competitive pricing is the core of great business, so we are excited to meet the new demand for smart additions amongst homeowners in 2020. 

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