Remodeling your bathroom comes with its own challenges. The biggest of them all is the lack of enough information. For both the client and the contractor, a lack of clarity in expectations can be a nightmare and no contractor likes being on the receiving end of an unhappy client. This is why it is so important to work with your bathroom remodeling contractor to make sure all your expectations are clear so they can provide you with exactly what you want. For most people, the bathroom is their sacred place. In fact, according to Houzz, for every five homeowners, two admitted to using their bathroom to relax. Ensuring that it remains in its best shape is paramount. Here are a few questions that you should ask a potential contractor before hiring them.

1. Do You Have A Portfolio of Previous Bathroom Remodeling Work?

Before speaking to the contractor, go through the reviews they have received from previous clients. What is the quality of their work? Closely examine the responses they give to negative reviews. Gauge their approach to conflict resolution. Compare their previous work with what you wish to see in your project.

2. Who Will Be On The Ground Remodeling My Bathroom?

Always request a meeting with the project manager – the person who knows the actual workers on your project, and will manage the specialists working on the various aspects of your bathroom remodeling project. Ensure that you also get specifics of what areas of the project will be subcontracted and get to know these individuals.

3. What Project Permits Do I Need?

Find out upfront what required permits will be needed. While at it, ask your contractor if they will obtain these permits on your behalf. A contractor who hesitates on this request might be unlicensed. Ensure you see the permits before work commences on your project.

4. Do Your Bathroom Remodeling Services Cover My Scope?

To avoid wasting time, always find out upfront if the bathroom remodeling contractor works on the entire scope of your project. Some contractors only focus on specific remodeling assignments, but not others. Find out if they are a full-service contractor.

Ensure that you get in-depth answers to the above questions. Find out how much it will cost you and payment expectations. The bottom line, hire a full-service bathroom remodeling contractor who can meet all your expectations.