How To Get The Maximum Return on Investment With Your NJ Kitchen Remodel

You’ve decided that you and your family are ready to move. You got a job offer somewhere else, you’re ready to retire, or you just want to be closer to extended family. Whatever your reason, it’s important to make sure your home is ready to be sold.

Sellers are always looking to get the best price for their homes. If you could sell your home for top dollar, why wouldn’t you? That’s why updates to the home are the best way to make sure that you will get the highest offers possible during the sale.

One of the best rooms in your home to update if you want to get more money is the kitchen. Investing in your kitchen is pretty much guaranteed to add value to your home, and an 82.7% return on investment (ROI) can be expected from even small kitchen remodeling.

Don’t know where to get started while updating your kitchen? That’s okay! Here are some awesome kitchen remodeling ideas.

Get Advice

HGTV advises that you speak to professional real estate agents in your area when considering a kitchen renovation design. They have a great understanding of what buyers in the area are looking for. They can tell you what attracts buyers, as well as what repels them. The advice they give you will kickstart your kitchen renovation makeover. For instance, should you invest in sleek, modern appliances or vintage shiplap?

Keep it simple

Although you are probably coming up with kitchen remodeling ideas that are personalized to your taste, you have to remember what is going to add resale value. Neutral colors are typically the best choices for your new kitchen. In addition, try not to pick patterns or textures that are too loud or busy for the typical buyer. You want to make sure your designs will appeal to a wide array of buyers, so not choosing very specific designs is ideal.

Open Concept

If you have ever watched any home improvement shows, ever, all buyers and sellers talk about is an open concept. That’s the biggest trend right now in home design. If you have the ability to open up the space in your kitchen to make it feel bigger, or even open it up to the living or dining room with a bar space, do it. Buyers will love it.

Don’t Go Over the Top

Designers and contractors for a kitchen remodel alike will tell you not to go too crazy when picking features. Do you really need to spend 10 times the amount on cabinets because it’s necessary, or is it for luxury? Don’t risk spending too much on the renovation and not getting the ROI you want.

If you’re looking for kitchen remodeling ideas, remember these tips and tricks to make your kitchen look the best for resale.

3 Things Every Dream Kitchen Needs

Your kitchen is the workhorse of your house and one of the busiest rooms in your house. A kitchen is a place where meals are prepared and memories are made. Your dream kitchen should be well equipped and be a reflection of your personality. Whether you’ve just moved into a new home or thinking about a kitchen remodel, here are some features every dream kitchen needs.

Appliance Garage

An appliance garage works exactly like a regular garage by freeing up clutter on your counter space as well as keeping your expensive appliances clean and safe. An organized space for your appliances can hold items such as: mixers, blenders, pressure cookers, and sous vides, keeping them well organized and accessible when you need it. Appliance garages are a great addition to your dream kitchen that will save you time and make your life easier.

Walk-in Pantry

Walk in pantries are a must for home chefs and can add a vast amount of storage capacity to your kitchen. Not only is it useful for keeping extra food and allows for you to keep everything organized, it is also an attractive feature for any house that is sure to add value to your home.

Loaded with shelves, pull out shelves, and counter space, a walk-in pantry  allows you to store countless ingredients, cookbooks, snacks, cookware, appliances and more.

Pull-Out Table

Sometimes you require more work space to tackle a challenging recipe. A table that pulls out from under your island solves that issue in a pinch. The versatility of a pull-out table makes it a must-have for your dream kitchen. Having more space to work with not only allows you to stay organized, but it also reduces the risk of contamination by giving you multiple surfaces to prepare your ingredients.

Whether you are looking to update a single room, build an addition, or remodel your entire home, you can count on our trustworthy customer service and our state-of-the-art craftsmanship to give you a superior home renovation experience. Reserve your consultation today and let Flansburg Construction to make your dream kitchen a reality.

Tips for Transforming Your Kitchen

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Do you have a drab kitchen, but are planning on having people over for parties this summer? Here are some things to liven up your home with transformations that will have your guests oohing and aahing.

Light Up Cabinets

Install LED ribbon lights inside and low voltage lights underneath your kitchen cabinets. This is a great way to have your favorite China shine and it also helps illuminate your kitchen and countertops.

Glass Cabinets

Add style to your kitchen with glass insert cabinets. You can display china, crystal or fun-looking dinnerware in one of the most popular areas of the house. During a non-eventful week, it is also an easy way to help recall what goes where when putting away the dishes.

New Light Fixtures

Make your kitchen stand out with pendant lamps. Choose energy-efficient lighting that will not only brighten up the kitchen, but also help you save money on your utility bill.

Update Your Backsplash

If you’re feeling creative consider placing a kitchen backsplash of mosaic tile, subway tile, or even decorative ceramic tile. A kitchen backsplash is both beautiful and function because it protects walls from cooking oils and messes. You can even continue around the sink window and on other walls.

Stainless Steel Appliances

Add a crisp, clean look to your kitchen with stainless steel appliances. These kitchen items are easy to clean off fingerprints or food-related goop.

New Countertops

Get rid of old, damaged countertops with new ones that will withstand even weekly entertaining. There are many unique and durable materials that will be great for party food prep or family meals. Plus, new counters will also add beauty and style to your kitchen.

Hanging Plants

For a natural element, consider having flowers and plants hanging in your kitchen. Place hanging plants near windows so they can grow properly and add color to the space.

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