According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), bathrooms rank second in the rooms most Americans wish to remodel. The kitchen ranks first. In terms of return on investment, they also rank as some of the best remodeling projects you can do for your home because the appearance of either of the two is critical to selling a house. According to Zillow, a midrange bathroom remodel has a national ROI of 70.1%, while an upscale bathroom remodel has an ROI of 56.2%.

Best Bathroom Projects for the Highest ROI

Addressing Basic Maintenance and Repair Needs

Most importantly, be sure to fix any issues with your bathroom. Failing an inspection report due to a bad paint job, peeling caulk, cracked tiles, dirty grout, etc., will not look good to a buyer.

Your remodel should also keep the design neutral to appeal to as many prospective buyers as possible. A design-build remodeling company can help with the look and feel of your bathroom from the design to the construction phase.


This is one of the more expensive bathroom renovation projects and one of the most impactful. Outdated, peeling, or substandard tiling will not do your bathroom any favors. Investing your money in newer and more suitable tiles is wise. For a more luxurious and upmarket feel, consider investing in heated flooring.

Updating Fixtures and Vanity

Remodeling the vanity set should include the faucet, storage, countertops, and sink. Consider that many prospective homeowners want a comfortable height vanity with granite countertops when doing your remodel. Another fixture consideration is the shower. It is used every day and will make a big difference to one’s bathroom experience, so adding a steam shower won’t go unnoticed.

The lighting is also important. Poor outdated lighting can make a bathroom or any room, for that matter, look drab. Good lighting can make your bathroom pop and accentuate its best features. It might be difficult to make the right design choices but hiring a reputable bathroom remodeling company will help you make the right aesthetic choices.

A design-build remodeling company can be very helpful when renovating your bathroom. They can advise you on the best areas to renovate for maximum ROI. Contact our bathroom remodeling company to get started today!