Almost half of all homes in the United States were built before 1980. Chances are if you live in one of these homes, it may be time to start considering a whole home renovation project. Many homeowners choose to wait until their current living space is no longer suitable for the lifestyle they want to lead. While this can feel like an overwhelming and intimidating task at first, planning a whole home renovation project doesn’t have to be difficult. Below are some signs you should start your renovation project.

Safety Concerns

If your home is starting to show signs of wear and tear, it may be time to consider a whole home renovation project. Old wiring, pipes, and other infrastructure can cause safety hazards. Homeowners should pay special attention to any exposed wiring, peeling paint, or mildew that could lead to potential health risks. If you are noticing these signs of aging in your home, it is time to consider a renovation project.

Changing Needs

Our lives change over time and our homes should be able to accommodate those changes. If you have recently welcomed a new addition to your family or are planning for one in the near future, it may be necessary to look into a whole home renovation project. Adding extra bedrooms or bathrooms, for example, will help your family adjust to its new size in comfort and style.

Unstable Home Price

Whether you plan on selling your home soon or not, it is important to consider the current real estate market. Stable and increasing home prices are a sign that investing in a whole home renovation project is worth the effort. Not only will it help increase your home’s value, but you could also recoup some of the costs after putting it on the market.

Outdated Design

If you are still living in a home that was constructed decades ago, chances are the design will feel outdated. Renovating your entire home is a great way to update the style and look of your space by bringing it into the modern age. Home renovations can also help create more functional areas throughout your home.

These signs are indicators that it may be time to start planning a whole home renovation project. If you’re looking into investing in professional help for your renovation project, our contractors located in New Jersey are ready to help make your dream home a reality. Give us a call today to start planning and ensuring that all aspects of your home renovation project are satisfactorily executed.