Are you thinking about consulting with our local design build firm about a residential home addition? Do you want an extra bedroom for guests to be comfortable in or an additional room to allow your children to have their own space? Below are the many benefits of adding another bedroom to your home with help from our team.

Simply Put, More Space

If you feel cramped in your home with the number of bedrooms you have right now, then you may want to invest in a home addition. With another room, everyone has their own room, and no one is left feeling overcrowded. You can ensure you have adequate space with a newly added room with help from our team.

Improved Home Value

Today, people are looking for homes in New Jersey that are exactly what they need. They don’t want to buy a home that they know they’ll have to work on in a few years. By adding another bedroom to your home, many potential buyers will be interested when you’re eventually ready to sell. 60% of buyers in the last year said it was extremely important that a home included a spare or guest bedroom, according to Zillow. That’s why it’s important to contact us to start planning a residential home addition project to give potential buyers what they want once you’re ready to put your home on the market.

Avoid That Move

If you want or need another bedroom to have more functionality or space, then you may consider moving. However, planning a home addition is a lot easier. This way, you won’t have to worry about the hassle of moving and finding a new house that checks all of your boxes. You can get your dream home by expanding upon the one you already own. Our team has experience helping those in the area get everything they need without having to move away from the neighborhood.

At Flansburg Construction, one of the most experienced remodeling companies in the area, we’d be happy to help you plan your next home remodeling project. If you’re interested in a home addition for your New Jersey home, then don’t wait to get in touch with us! We look forward to speaking with you about residential home additions.