If you’re interested in an addition to your home, you may consider a sunroom. Our home renovation company has designed and built many sunrooms for homeowners who would like extra space for various purposes. Keep reading to learn more about why you should consider a sunroom addition for your home in New Jersey.

Furnish for Coziness

A sunroom constructed with proper insulation, heating and cooling, electrical wiring, and interior finishing is suitable to use all year long. This means you can curl up with a cup of coffee or your favorite book and enjoy a restful morning or evening in this comfortable space. Our remodeling contractors will work with you to ensure you get the right amount of space in your new sunroom for all the furniture you’d like, such as a window seat, a couch, a coffee table, and more.

Soak Up the Sun

New Jersey can get cold in the winter months, which is when it’s important to get much-needed vitamin D. When you hire our home renovation company to construct an addition, you will be able to sit in your new sunroom all winter long and get the sun your body needs. Our design build firm can install large, beautiful windows to keep your sunroom bright and warm!

Entertain Loved Ones

Your sunroom can be the ideal sitting room, but it can also be the perfect entertainment space when you’d like to have a quiet evening with friends to sip wine, enjoy snacks, and relax with some good music. Fortunately, our experienced sunroom addition contractor can ensure you have the best layout for entertaining. This may include adding a mini fridge, a wine bar, and a table.

Add Value to Your Home

HomeLight states that new sunroom construction offers a 50% return on your investment. This means that investing in a new sitting space is a great way to impress future buyers. More importantly, it will be a room everyone in your family will adore for years to come.

According to Today’s Homeowner, in 2022, Americans spent about $427 billion on home improvement projects. If you’re ready to get started on a sunroom addition, turn to our reliable home renovation company. Our team at Flansburg Construction is proud to offer experienced remodeling services. Contact us today to get started!