Most homeowners will eventually face the question of whether they should make some home additions or move to a new house that better accommodates their needs. Moving is a huge undertaking for a family. If your current home needs some changes, but you are not willing to move, having a residential home addition built could be the answer you are looking for. Zillow estimates that 60% of buyers cited that having a spare room, guest room, or flex space was extremely important to them. This quick guide will look at a few great reasons to have a home addition built in 2023.

Growing Family

If your family is growing, you will simply need more space. Ensuring that everyone in the home has an appropriate amount of space is crucial to the happiness and well-being of your family. Even if your family is not growing yet, but you have plans for expanding in the near future, making enough space for everyone is practically necessary. Having a home addition built on to your current home is a great way to accomplish this goal without the upheaval of moving.

Specialized Space

A growing family may not be the only reason someone would want more room. Many families discover that they want to have specialized spaces in their homes. This could include a game room, an office, a craft room, or a sunroom, to name a few. These types of spaces really improve the quality of life for you and your family.

Add Value to Your Home

Home improvements of this scale make a residential property more desirable in the real estate market. According to the National Association of Realtors, every 1,000 square feet added to your home increases its sale price by at least 30%. Clearly, a home’s value is upped significantly by the additional square footage that comes with an addition. Incorporating a new suite or office into your home will not only benefit your comfort and quality of life now, but also in the future if you ever plan on reselling.

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